I Help Small Business Owners Increase Their Facebook Ad Returns ​Using Profit Pockets

I Help Small Business Owners Increase Their Facebook
Ad Returns​ Using
Profit Pockets

​What Are Profit Pockets?

From the desk of Nicole Keir

Canberra, Australia

Hi There Facebook Advertiser,

As you know, Facebook Ads provide an awesome opportunity for you to reach your 'ideal customer' & ​get your offer in front of them, in order to generate more qualified leads & sales.

However, you're also probably painfully aware that the sheer number of options for:

  • ​Campaign objectives
  • ​Budget
  • ​Audience demographics & targeting
  • ​Placement
  • ​Delivery
  • ​Ad types
  • Ad copy & image/video combinations

can make it difficult to optimize your Ad Account for profit!

Which subsequently makes generating a consistent, scalable ROAS each month seem like a unreachable dream for far too many advertisers.

It's not.

But it's also not without its challenges...

That's where Profit Pockets come in!

'Profit Pockets' is the word I use to describe the valuable data insights and campaign strategy opportunities that allow you to optimize your Facebook ads for maximum returns.

They can be found by combining advanced paid traffic strategies with desire driven copy​ and methodical testing, analysis & optimization.

​And when you have your profit pockets generating a return from your ads can be as easy as investing $1 knowing you'll see a return of $5!

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