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Are You Making These 5 Conversion Killing Mistakes?

​Did you know that US ecommerce sales grew by 16% in 2017?

That equates to a $62.47 billion dollar increase in retail purchases.

The buyers are there.

But if you're not getting your 'slice of the pie' you may need to look at your website to see if you're making any of these conversion killing mistakes that ​could be costing you $$.

​Too Generic

  • ​​Are you selling ​a product or service ​that's different from others like it?
  • ​Do you have a unique selling point? ​​​
  • ​​Is there anything that makes you stand out from your competition?

If you've answered "No" to the above questions it's quite likely that one of the main reasons you're struggling to get sales is because your offer doesn't stand out from all the others out there.

The biggest problem with this is that sales usually come down to 'lowest price wins' which is obviously bad for your profit margin.

Fortunately, this is relatively easy to fix with a bit of research, branding & some good website copy.

All of which I'm about to ​cover so let's keep going...

​Poor Targeting

​If your visitors have no interest in or use for your product or service then obviously they're never going to buy from you.​​​

If you haven't yet, do some market research & find out who is going to be most likely to buy your product or service & why. ​A simple Google search for something like "product type" + reviews is a good place to start.

Facebook's Audience Insights is also a great place to find related interests in order to create a range of highly targeted Ads.

Bad Sales Copy

​All the words on your website are important.​​​ From your headings, descriptions, calls to action & everything in between.

If your website copy is not​:

  • ​Relevant to your target audience
  • chevron-right
    Easy to read
  • ​Engaging & persuasive
  • ​Able to create an emotional response for your visitor

​Then your conversion rates are going to be very low, relying only on the rare 'impulse buyer'.

In order to fix this you'll need to look back at your market research to identify what will catch the attention of your target audience & find a way to position your product or service in order to make it relevant, useful & desirable to them.

You can learn how to turn this information into good sales copy, for free, here.

​Lack Of 'Value'

​Following on from above, good copy can highlight the value your product or service will deliver to the right audience but there are other ways to add value to your overall user experience.

  • ​Reviews & social proof are a good way to show your visitors that ​​​others have benefited from what you're selling
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    ​Making your website easy to navigate & the sales process simple will improve your visitors experience
  • ​Have high quality support available to provide fast assistance with any question or problems
  • ​Offer payment plans for large purchases
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    Create bundles or packages at a discounted price

No Trust

This is one of the biggest conversion killers however, if you address the other four issues first you'll get rid of most of the problems associated with trust.

Not surprisingly, research has shown that adding a human element to your website helps build credibility. Try adding pictures of people using your product or video reviews from people who have used your service.

Providing an appropriate refund guarantee can also help, but you've got to make sure your visitors trust your site enough to believe it.

​As a final note, remember that it can take on average 7-10 interactions with your website & brand before a sale is made so, just because someone doesn't buy right away, it doesn't mean they're a lost cause.

​Make sure you keep up with your marketing & be sure to re-target your website visitors with relevant content regularly.

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