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5 Ways To Get Email Subscribers Using Shopify

One of the good things about building your store using Shopify is that you can automatically start building a list as soon as you start making sales. I mean, before you even set up an email marketing strategy you can be growing a list of people who have already bought what you're selling.

This Is Huge.

But, it's also just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to growing a list of customers & potential buyers. And that's what makes this blog post so damn exciting!

So, why am I all excited about email?

In one sentence: Email provides you with a massive potential for building a relationship with your customers that can easily be managed to deliver a predictable source of low cost, high profit sales month after month. You can learn more about profitable email strategies for your customers here.

What's more, the Shopify app store is full of free apps that you can use to help you grow & use your email list. Here are just a few that I found with a quick search: 

Now, before we get into developing an automated email marketing campaign that will connect your customers with relevant offers from your store, we'll get started on ways to get these customers on your list in the first place.

Newsletter Sign-up

The easiest thing you can do to collect emails is to add a newsletter sign-up to your sidebar or footer, On it's own it probably won't generate many (if any) subscribers however, if you follow the lead of many successful store owners who pair this with a free lead magnet it can be effective .

A lead magnet is just a simple resource that delivers something your target audience will find valuable, is related to your products & can provide a clear benefit to your subscribers in less than 5-10 minutes.

You could create a list of tips, a how-to guide, a video tutorial or anything that is easy to deliver instantly online.

 Incentive Discounts

This one is quite obvious & can be done in several ways.  You can offer things like:

  • ​A "% off" discount
  • ​A "$ off" discount
  • ​Buy 2 get 1 free offers
  • ​Free shipping offers

​Be thoughtful about how you offer these discounts. I​'ve seen a lot of people offer these as soon as someone visits the store & personally, ​I find that approach to be off-putting & ​devaluing the quality of the store. ​Perhaps consider offering them as an exit-intent pop-up instead.

VIP membership

​This is like signing up for the equivalent of a traditional store rewards card. You simply offer a free membership to your visitors & customers, then send them exclusive emails with discounts, sales & offers that aren't available to non-members.​​​

You can offer this on your store to every visitor or only offer it to customers who have demonstrated that they're discount driven buyers. There are positives & negatives to both strategies so, it really comes down to your own customer behavior when deciding which way is more profitable for your store.

Out Of Stock Notification

​​​​Don't lose the sale if you have an out of stock product!

Instead of removing an out of stock product you can use this as an opportunity to collect the email of customers who want to buy this product. Once it's back in stock you can let these customers know via email & recover a lot of sales you may have otherwise lost.

Make The Sale

​As I said earlier, Shopify builds a list of emails for you from every single store visitor who abandoneds their cart or makes a purchase. If these customers have accepted marketing during the checkout process you can add them ​​​to your email marketing campaign. By sending quality traffic to your store & setting the 'Collecting consent to send promotional emails to customers from your store' to 'Customer agrees to receive promotional emails by default' you can start building your list while making sales.

Keep in mind that you'll need an email marketing app & auto responder software to send your promotional & value based emails to these customers however, if you have a Shopify or Advanced Shopify plan you can automatically send a recover cart email to customers if they have abandoned their checkout.

So what do you do now?

If you've picked one ore more of these strategies to use in your store then you should visit the Shopify app store to look for a high converting email app & install it on your site now.

Regardless of which app you choose, you should get started as soon as possible so you can start growing your customer database & get a profitable email campaign up & running .

Just make sure that you have an optimized email marketing funnel & that your emails provide value to your customers so that they'll keep opening them & returning to your store!

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