​How Did This Aussie Farm Girl Discover That Running Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns Is As Easy As Counting Sheep?

​Have you ever tried counting sheep in real life?

I have.​

​And I can tell you from experience, if you don't know what you're doing, trying to count sheep is not only frustrating & stressful, it's almost impossible to get ​the right result.


When you understand how sheep behave and you know how to create the right environment to get them to run in front of you one or two at a time, counting sheep with 100% accuracy is almost effortless.

The funny thing is, Facebook ads ​​are surprisingly similar to sheep in even more ways than that (and I'm a little ashamed to admit how long I struggled with ads before I made this weird connection).

But, before I go into that, I should explain how I ended up where I am now...

I grew up on a farm in Australia where my family grew crops, ran a small business baling straw for mushroom compost and (obviously) raised sheep.

I loved ​being on the farm and spent ​every moment I could out riding horses or working with my dad and pop looking after our sheep or driving tractors or baling straw or fixing fences...you name it, I did it.  

You see, ​all the 'hands-on' experiences I had growing up this way ​​​fostered a passion for ​supporting Aussie farmers, local communities & small business owners.

But, ​as much as I loved the farm life, the opportunities in the city were too strong to resist.

​​However, ​I wanted to hang onto my farm roots, so in 2011 I started studying Small Business Management ​with the goal of helping farmers take advantage of the ever growing digital marketing landscape.

I ​taught myself how to build websites, do email marketing, create sales funnels, do ​SEO, make promotional videos, do organic social media marketing...again, you name it, I did it.​

And for a couple years I ​ran a little online business helping promote local farmers who sold their produce direct to the public.

But as ​they started to understand how to use ​social media themselves and ​easy-build websites ​became more readily available ​there was no more need for that little business.

​So I moved on to affiliate marketing where I could earn a commission ​on sales I made promoting other peoples products.

​​Turns out I'd gotten quite good at writing sales copy and promoting products online, and I ​​was able to make a bit of extra cash whenever I needed it.

​​Then ​in 2015 my dad had a stroke.

And ​I went back to the farm to help.

That was when I first tried using Facebook™ ads to get new leads and clients​...but I ​mostly just got a lot of 'likes'.

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