Hi, I’m Nicole

I’m a firm believer in building an online business by focusing on delivering quality, implementing automation, maximising ROI & using various digital marketing strategies to achieve business growth & reach your goals with ease.

“I Help Website Owners & Online Entrepreneurs Become More Profitable Online By Sharing Successful & Actionable Information, Tips & Strategies That Have Been Shown To Deliver A Predictable ROI Every Month.”

So, Who Am I?

Well, let’s start with the basics. I’m an online entrepreneur who works from my home in Canberra, Australia that I share with my fiancée, our 2 cats & massive dog, Nala.

I grew up on a farm which gave me a strong work ethic, “Macgyver Level” problem solving skills, a passion for ethical food production & an unhealthy attachment to flannel shirts.

I’ve also played AFL (Aussie rules football) for close to 10 years. I learnt pretty quick that when you are focused and are prepared to work harder and jump higher than anyone else you can make your competition irrelevant (I’m #20).


Now, while that’s a nice little snapshot about me and great ‘resume material’, I’m guessing it’s not the information you were hoping to find here. You probably clicked on this page because you really just want to know if I have the knowledge, skills & experience to help you.

So, I’ll go right ahead & answer that for you:

As a digital marketing entrepreneur with 5+ years of experience generating leads and sales for businesses online, business management qualifications & first hand knowledge of both failed and successful digital marketing strategies the most honest answer I can give you is…
probably not.

(While it may seem counter intuitive to say I’ve experienced failures I’m putting this here to point out that I’m not just some online newbie – I know what works and I know how to keep working to turn failures into successes when they happen – because they do).

Wait, take a step back, why did I say I probably can’t help you?

Here’s why:

  • There’s only one of me therefore, I can only take on a certain number of clients at any one time.
  • I only take on clients whose goals align with my strengths to ensure I can deliver maximum results.
  • I never take on any new clients who are competitors of, or who have conflicting interests with, my current clients.
  • I charge a high monthly retainer for this guarantee of exclusivity.

You’re still here? Great!

I want to offer you something (it’s not exclusive, just valuable). Just enter a business goal that you would like to reach in the next 12 months & your email.

I’ll send you an email to organise a time to chat & if we both think the other is a good fit to work together to achieve your goal I’ll give you a $1,200 discount toward my services to achieve that.


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