Would You Like Me To Help You Create A Custom Strategy To Increase Your Website Traffic & Conversions, For Free?

Dear Business Owner,

As you may know, the future is becoming increasingly digital, which means that more and more of your prospective customers are looking for you online...

If you're not using a customised digital marketing strategy to identify, attract & convert these prospective customers online, you probably feel like you're:

  • Throwing money at your website with minimal results.
  • Overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the different online marketing tactics.
  • Losing more and more prospects to your competition.
  • Heading toward an unsustainable business future with no path to profits.
  • Risking the future of your family if you can't find a way to get these customers spending their money in your business.

If any (or all) of these situations sound familiar, keep reading!

Nicole Keir Strategy Consultant

Hi there, my name is Nicole. I help small business owners & start up entrepreneurs build their online authority and leverage customised strategies to attract their ideal customers & create a predictable flow of leads and profits each month.

What does this mean for you?

If you know that having a targeted strategy to attract customers who are looking to buy what you're selling will help you overcome the problems listed above, but you just need someone to help you put it all together...

Then I'm here to invite you to join me on a

free "Predictable Profits" strategy development call.

This is a 45-60 minute call where we'll deep dive into your business, define your challenges, establish your goals & end with a predictable profit strategy.

Fair warning: there will be some questions during this process that will make you feel uncomfortable. I cover things like finances, failures, fears & the future to ensure I have the best possible understanding of exactly what's needed to help you succeed

If I make you at all uncomfortable during this process, I apologise in advance.

However, I will not tolerate rudeness as a reaction - or for any reason, at that.

Here's how it will all work:

  • At the bottom of this page is an application form where you'll submit your details.
  • If your business qualifies for this free offer you'll receive an email invitation to schedule a Predictable Profits strategy call.
  • You'll then be asked to answer more detailed questions about your business (Note: the more information you provide here, the better we can create a detailed strategy on your call).
  • In the meantime, I'll research your audience behaviours and your competition.
  • Then on the call we'll go through everything in detail before developing a goal focused strategy for you to move forward with.

So, what's the catch? Why is ALL of this FREE?

This all sounds too good to be true, right? But...what if this is actually an honest offer?

What if...

I'm really giving you all of this for free because I want to help small business owners achieve their success online.

Also, by providing a free service like this I can easily attract new prospects and have a manageable number of people request to become paying clients without every having to use sleazy sales tactics!

You see, at the end of the call about 75% of people will take their new free strategy and implement it themselves (or not, some don't take any further action and then wonder why nothing changes).

These business owners use this strategy I helped them build, to pull profits into their business - and then they tell their friends about me!

And then, the other 25% of business owners will hire me on a monthly retainer to implement this strategy for them. This has the added benefits of

  1. freeing up their time to deal with the increased leads and sales coming in
  2. securing my exclusivity guarantee, preventing their competition from gaining the advantage of my free strategy offer
  3. having on-going access to my knowledge and skills as a digital marketing expert


I have to make it clear now that I can't help everyone...

  • This offer is only for small businesses (less than $2,000,000 annual turnover) who have no in-house marketing position or department.
  • I never work with any business that is a competitor of any of my current clients.
  • You must be open minded and willing to talk about your current business position and goals in detail - even if it gets a bit uncomfortable.
  • You need to have an up-to-date website.
  • There is only one of me and I only have enough time each day for a set number of free "Predicatble Profits" strategy calls therefore, only business owners who provide a lot of details in the form below and whose goals are closely aligned with my skills will receive an email invitation to schedule a free strategy call.

Free "Predictable Profits" Strategy Call Application Form

(If you know it)

Warning: Time Is A Factor Here

Every day you wait to take action will only increase the risk of these possible outcomes:

  • ​One of your competitors will become my clients and you'll be ineligible for this (or any other) service.
  • I'll reach my maximum number of clients and will be forced to stop offering this free service as I won't have the time.
  • Your​ website cash flow & ROI continue to decline, making it harder to recover in the future.
  • Your competition become the dominant player/s in your industry & you get stuck in an endless game of "catch-up".

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