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How To Use Email Marketing For Shopify Profits

I've recently been scouring the internets for case studies & statistics on the effectiveness of different email marketing strategies for Shopify ecommerce profits. The one thing that I found that stood out well above everything else is:

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Now obviously, this isn't the only way to use email marketing to grow your monthly store sales & profits however, when research suggests that anywhere from 60-80% of ecommerce store carts are abandoned & the average abandoned cart email is over 50x more profitable that the average promotional email it's hard to ignore the potential for profits here.

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On top of this, a series of 3 abandoned cart emails has been shown to generate up to 130% more orders than just a single abandoned cart email.

So, How Do You Send A Cart Recovery Email?

If your customers have provided their contact information & then left your store before payment, Shopify automatically stores this for you as an abandoned checkout.

You can find this information from your Shopify admin >> Orders >> Abandoned checkouts

From here you can click on any order to open it & then you'll have the option to manually send a cart recovery email that will include a link for your customers to go back to their cart & complete their purchase.

If you're on a bigger plan than Basic Shopify you can setup your store to automatically send a recovery email to every customer who leaves the checkout process before paying - unless one of the following occurs:

  • ​The customer completes a purchase using a different cart
  • ​There is a payment processing error
  • ​You don't ship to the customers location
  • You don't have the abandoned stock in inventory
  • If the item is free (i.e the checkout value is $0 before shipping fees)

You can set this up from your Shopify admin >> Settings >> Checkout >> Order processing >> If the customer abandons their checkout

Here you can select the time to send the email & I suggest you follow the Shopify recommendations as their data suggest these provide the best rate of recovery.

You can also customize your email template in these settings & I can't recommend this enough! At the very least, you need to make sure that you:

  • ​Remind your customer what item/s they have in their cart
  • ​Brand these emails so your customers can recognize them more easily
  • ​Make them personalized so that your customers don't feel like they're getting an automated email
  • ​Include a strong call-to-action that encourages the sale without being too pushy

​Looking For Other Email Delivery Options?

​Check out the Shopify app store as there are a number of paid apps that are designed to help you automate your email marketing.

However, if you're serious about increasing your profits via email you need an email autoresponder software that integrates with your store.

Mail Chimp is a good place to start, but it does have it's limitations.

Klaviyo is probably one of the better options for ecommerce & it comes with some effective template that make building your email campaigns easy.​​​

If you want to be able to track the Long-Term Value of each customer in order to better manage your marketing budget it's worth checking out Market Hero. While still in it's infancy, it's being developed into a great ecommerce email marketing tool.

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