Why Your Online ‘Strategy’ Isn’t Working

Too many business owners have a to-do list for their online marketing, call it a strategy & then wonder why nothing is happening.

A check-list is not a strategy!

It’s a list.

Of things to do.

Yes, it can be an important part of implementing your strategy but on it’s own, a check-list is nothing more than a series of steps.

First, I’m going to explain how I see a ‘strategy’:

Your STRATEGY is the all-encompasing process that moves you from where you are to where you want to be.
It is like a living, breathing, growing thing that involves goal setting, plan making, check-list doing & the inevitable overcoming of challenges/failures and learning from them to move forward again.

And, here is an analogy that I came up with when I was trying to make sense of ‘digital marketing strategy’ myself:

Think about driving a car. When you get in a car 99% of the time you have a destination (goal) already in mind. Most of the time you also have your route (plan) worked out too. Now, to actually move along your journey you go through a series of steps (check-list) to drive the car. Keep in mind that driving is not always smooth sailing & you will also encounter obstacles like:

  • traffic
  • bad drivers
  • traffic lights
  • pedestrians
  • the weather
  • road works, etc

Which obviously have an impact on how you carry out your check-list and plan to achieve your overall goal of getting to your destination as fast and safe as possible.

This whole process is a strategy.

Now because this process (strategy) is so normal to us, in comparison it seems quite ridiculous to think that simply following a series of steps (check-list) such as:

  • getting in a car
  • turning it on
  • putting it into gear
  • removing the brake
  • pressing down on the accelerator
  • and adjusting your direction with the steering wheel

Will result in you arriving safely and without problems at some undefined destination that you’ll be happy with.

However, that’s exactly what people expect to happen when they call a check-list their digital marketing strategy.

So, how do you create an effective digital marketing strategy that will actually get you results?

While it may seem daunting at first, it’s actually pretty simple, especially if you keep the driving analogy in mind.

So first, start with the end in mind & define a very specific goal.

eg. “To add 100+ new email subscribers per week who are interested in lead generation for their business and will be worth an average of $15+ each after a 14 day automated welcome and nurture email campaign”.

Now, there’s probably going to be a huge number of different options to get from where you are to this goal (think of the endless number of street combinations there are to get from one spot to the next…obviously, most combinations are ass-backwards and completely terrible choices but there are usually 3-4 completely practical & efficient ways to get where you want to go).

Pick one.

Don’t think too hard about it, just pick one and turn it into a statement of your overall plan.

eg. “I need a lead magnet that will appeal to business owners with a WordPress website who want to get more leads so I can use Facebook ads to connect with them, collect the email addresses of 100+ per week & send them high value emails about the benefits of landing pages on lead generation with the aim of converting 5+% of these email subscribers into buyers of my landing page product worth $300 at the end of the 14 day email campaign.

Note: get out of the mindset of thinking that you have to achieve your overall goal immediately in order to have a successful strategy. The whole point of a strategy is to give yourself the ability to test and adjust your campaigns to get to your goal.

eg. “The lead magnet might not attract 100 subscribers, the email series might only convert 2% of your subscribers on the first go, etc. If this happens you just look at your plan execution to see what worked and what didn’t & then adjust your content/copy/pitch/etc and try again.

So now that you have a goal, a plan and corrective measures to take if things don’t quite work out right the first time…you’re ready to whip out those check-lists! The best thing about this is that there is a check-list available online for just about any component of a digital marketing strategy that you can think of…

And I Keep A Regularly Updated List Of Them Here:

If you’re struggling to come up with a strategy you can apply for free strategy development help here.