3 Ways To Increase Your Website Conversions With A Video Character

When it comes to getting the attention of your audience online, there is nothing more effective than video.

If you combine the attention grabbing power of video with the ability to personalise your message by having it delivered by an animated character who can speak directly to your audience, you dramatically increase your ability to captivate and convert your website visitors into subscribers, customers and fans.

In the video below you’ll see three examples of how you can use your own Video Character to achieve any one of the following outcomes:

  1. Increasing the number of visitors who sign up on your email list.
  2. Increasing the number of visitors who complete a purchase during their visit.
  3. Increasing the awareness and trust in your products, services or brand.


Do You Want A Video Character On Your Website?

There are 3 ways to get your own Video Character on your website:

1. Pay thousands to

  • Hire an animator to create a character for you with text-to-speech.
  • Find dedicated video hosting to ensure that your character loads and plays smoothly.
  • Have your website developer to write all the code needed to make sure your character and opt-in/offers show up correctly on desktop & mobile versions of your website.

2. Pay hundreds to: Order your video character here & let me take care of all the technical details.

3. Get your character for free: By claiming one of my other free offers.


Wait A Second…TWO Free Offers? What’s the catch?

Well, you see I get my prospects to try out my services by offering them a free campaign setup and optimisation. The results they see from this free service are generally quite profitable and 25-30% of prospects will immediately hire me to build and manage their monthly campaigns (starting at a $2,000+ monthly retainer).

Now one of the ways I achieve these results is by using a Video Character to increase website conversions. I add the character during the campaign setup and even if a prospect chooses not to continue with my services I let them keep the video character for a year, for free – that’s a $547 saving right there just for trying out my service (not to mention the traffic and sales I drive during the campaign optimisation phase).

Check Out My Services To See If You’re Eligible For A Free Video Character