Would You Like ​To Convert​ More Of Your Paid Website Traffic Into Leads, ​Without Having To Increase Your Online Ad Spend?

​Are you ​sick of having to ​​pay FB or AdWords more and more of your hard earned money in order to generate more leads from your website?

It kinda feels like this right?

<gif of FB eating cash>

​Hey there, I'm Nicole & in this video I'm going to show you one simple change you can make to double or even triple your leads without having to increase your ad spend at all. That being said, you can also use this to grow your business and confidantly spend more on ads ​knowing you'll get a higher conversion rate, a better return and therefore more profit.

​but, ​​before we go any further, you probably want to know, is this worth ​YOUR time​?

and if you're asking yourself that question that's good, because it means you're smart enough to know that you should only be focusing on the things that will add value and profit to your business.

So, unlike most 'marketing people' I'm not going to be pushy and try to convince you that ​this is right for you...inst​ead, I'm going to ask a few questions and then you can answer them ​​in your own head and decide for yourself if you think you might get value from this...sound fair?

yes? great!

​First up, do you run paid traffic to your website? ​

If so, how much more profit would you make each month ​if you could ​double the conversion rate of your paid traffic into leads that are ​already thinking about buying ​without spending more on ads?

​Is it enough to take the stress off increasing overhead costs?

​Is it enough to ​make cash flow concerns a thing of the past?

​Is that increase in profit enough to give your family a better life?

So, if you're still here I'm guessing that being able to get twice as many leads each month, that are more likely to convert into customers, without having to increase your ad spend is something that would provide a significant benefit to your business and ​subsequently improve your overall quality of life, right...but now you're wondering how on earth this could possibly work?

so, lets have a look at 2 different scenarios because this is the ​easiest way I can explain how it all works.

Imagine for a moment that you're a photographer trying to get more high value wedding leads.​

Scenario 1

You've managed to capture the attention of someone who is interested in your product or service and they click on your ad. As it is now, your visitors are being sent to a​ beautiful homepage, with lots of information about you and your services, gallerys of your work, links and...distractions. They have a look ​through your website​, reading your copy, clicking through pictures, checking out your pricing and then...after a few minitues most of them ​are thinking to themselves 'yeah, this is nice...but lets just go see what else is out there...and they hit the back button...and they're gone...off to check out your competition. You may have impressed them with a beautiful website (like ​your competition tbh) but you didn't reach them on a deeper level, you didn't make them focus on what they really want and you didn't manage collect their contact info & now they're gone and if you want them back you're going to have to pay FB or Google to send them to your website again​! Not ideal right!

​So, now let's imagine that ​​instead of sending them to your homepage you send them to a specific landing page on your website ​that is as beautiful and well branded as your website...but ​it's specifically designed to 1. focus attention based on the target audience of your ad 2. create a connection with your visitors 3. collect contact information...or in other words ​convert ​your visitors into leads.

​Now the scenario looks a bit more like this:

​You've managed to capture the attention of someone who is interested in your product or service and they click on your ad that says, for example, 'looking for the perfect photographer to capture the love, excitement and beauty of your special day?'. They are sent to your custom designed landing page where the first thing they see is a headline that says Jane Doe Photography - capturing the love, excitement and beauty of your special day. They're immediately reassured that they're in the right place but naturally, they want more information. There's no links for them to click ​so they stay on the page and keep reading. Your landing page provides them with the information they ​looking for about your services, has examples of your work and shows testimonials from past clients. ​​They're made to feel like your service was made just for them and they become more and more emotionally invested in having you photograph their wedding. ​Then they see the big eye catching button​ that gives them the opportunity to request information on the one thing they're desperate to know but can't find ​anywhere...are you available to photograph their wedding? As there are no links to take them away from this page and ​they're not distracted by unecessary information ​like your other services that aren't relevant to their wedding needs, the only thing they can do...the only thing they want to do...is give you their contact information so ​they can find out if you're available to help them.

Can you see the difference? Which one do you think will give you more leads that are desperate to buy? ​

​Obviously, the second scenario.

It's clear that in theory having a customised LP will

-attract the people you want

-show them that you're the best person to fulfill their needs so they forget about your competition

-and not only generate more leads but ensure that those leads are already ​primed to becoming buyers.

​​​But why don't I back it up with some proof too!

I don't ​use my clients results as proof because well, if you were my client, would you want me to show people, who are ​quite likely to be your competitors, how ​your well ​website is performing ​and exactly ​what you're doing to get the leads they want?

didn't think so!

so instead, I'm go​ing to show you some published data ​that backs up what I've been saying...​ show you 10 examples of ​big companies that are using landing pages themselves....and point out that I practice what I'm preaching because this is in fact a landing page too!





​​top marketing firm​ LPs: ​











You'll see that each of these landing pages are incredibly simple, they get straight to the point of outlining the benefit that their target audience will recieve from entering their information...aka becoming a lead (add more)

So now that you can see that ​sending your targeted paid traffic to a specialised landing page will give your more & better leads at no extra ad cost the best news I've got for you is that you can ​have this without

-​having to spend ​an arm and a leg

-​having to know a single thing about coding, design or copywriting

-​and without compromising the quality of your brand and website by using some crappy free landing page software or some dodgy freelancer who may or may not be a scammer.

<vid of me - now I want to reassure you that I'm not a scammer...hi, I'm Nicole...​you can see here I'm a registered business (​ABN screenshot)...​and down here is a flick thru of some of my 5 star reviews>

Ok, so know you know I'm a real person​ who runs a legit business I'll ​just give you some quick background on how I came to be focused entirely on helping businesses convert more of their website traffic into leads and sales without having to increase ad spend...

So, I started out helping farmers who sold their meat and animal products direct to the public grow awareness of their products online...which ​developed into me helping them to get more leads and ​therefore more sales. and that was a great ​opportunity for me ​because it allowed me to explore the whole range of online marketing options like

-social media


-paid ads

-email ​


​but then i tried to widened my scope to​ help all types of businesses with all these things...and well, ​​I kinda shot myself in the foot with that .

You see, I was trying to help too many different people with too many things and while I was still getting results for people...​​those results weren't good enough for me because I knew that i could ​do better...I just had to find a way how.

​​So I started looking at what successful people and big companies were doing and that's how i discovered the power of using landing pages ​to deliver the right message to ​target audiences and I began getting the results I knew i could deliver to ​business owners like you.

But, ​that wasn't all I learnt!

I also discovered an awesome 'trick' to see exactly what your visitors want from your website so you can build a great LP straight up

-how to use ​testing to keep increasing your conversions month after month​

-how to nurture your leads via email in order to ​reach the average 6-8 positive brand touches​ needed ​to make a sale

-and how to use your website to teach FBs freaky spy ​algorithm exactly who to send to your website for even lower CPC and higher ROAS.

​But...the most important thing I've learnt about converting your target audience into highly qualified leads and then very happy customers is to prove that you can help by actually helping them. ​

Therefore, I want to ​help you for free​ by using ​the awesome 'trick' ​I mentioned earleir to show you exactly what your visitors want from your website and ​use that info to create a free custom 'cheat sheet' guide to help you build ​your awesome LP​!

​​This way, you'll have a solid foundation to start building & testing your own high conversion campaign.

And now you're probably thinking something like ​"well that sounds awesome...a little too good to be true ​perhaps? what are you getting out of all this?"

So I'll tell you straight up what I'm getting​:

-first up, you're trust. Like I said, If I can show you that I can genuinely help you convert more of your paid traffic into qualified leads by helping you with a small part of that ongoing startegy, for free you're much more likely to say, give me a great review, recommend me to other people who are interested in my service and even hire me to manage your conversion campaign once you're too busy with all the awesome new leads you're getting

-Secondly, In order to be able to build a beautiful, high quality landing page ​without a massive learning curve and spending days or weeks trying to put it all together you'll need to invest in a

quality drag-n-drop landing page/funnel software & I recommend ​several different types that you're free to choose based on your needs and budget (​they start at $127/yr and ​go through to $297/mo). Now if you invest in this software through the link/s I provide I'll earn a referral commission from the software company (you pay the ​same whether you use my link or not...but it would be nice 'thanks for all this free help' if you did use my link)

-and thirdly, a small number of people will ​love the free cheat sheet I give them and see the value there, but not want the hastle of having to do it themselves so they'll want to skip the learning process and just hire me to deliver awesome results straight up.

If this is the case, my services start ​​at $1​000/mo​, include the cost of software and ​is covered by my 'risk free satisfaction guarantee'. Which means that if in the first 30 days of hiring me, you're not happy​ I'll remove any and all changes ​made to your website and​ where applicable your advertising accounts, leaving everything exactly the way ​I found it and give you 100% of your money back...that means ​I'm prepared to wear the cost of any software ​I use so there's absolutely no risk for you at all.

​Then, after the first 30 days ​my satisfaction guarantee turns into a service delivery guarantee. This means that if ​in any month at all, ​I fail to deliver a better conversion rate than the one you had in the month ​prior hiring me you'll get the choice between being refunded 100% for th​at month's fee​ and ending ​our ​service agreement​ or having ​me work the next month for free ​in order to resolve the issue and move forward. In the event that ​I am unable to resolve the conversion rate issue during the free month of service ​I'll then refund you 100% of the previous month's fee and end ​our service agreement.

​Now at this point I just want to emphasise ​that this isn't some elaborate sales pitch, in fact, I'm actually ​a little bit picky about who is eligible for this free offer and a lot picky about who is eligible my monthly services because I only have a small team and because I want everyone I work with to have success so,

I can only help website owners who

-currently spend at least $2000+/mo on ads and get at least 1000 unique website visitors/mo

-​are converting less than ​​​5% of their paid traffic into leads ​

-​whose average value per customer/sale is $1000+

-are willing to take a 'value first' approach to marketing and willing to test and make changes to their marketing messages

​Is this you?

Are you ready to find out exactly what your visitors want from your website and ​​get your free custom 'cheat sheet' guide to getting more highly qualified leads?

​Then all you need to do is answer a few simple questions and confirm your eligibility as outlined above by clicking the button below.

Once your application has been recieved and accepted it will take us up to 10 days to ​research your visitors and gather enough data to create your cheat sheet guide that we will then send you via email. This email will also contain information and links to our recommended landing page softwares that I mentioned earlier.

We'll also send you regular emails with tips and conversion strategy insights to help you with your conversion campaign...from ways to improve your ads thru to strageties for making more sales.

And for the few people who just want to hire me, there is the option, at the end of the questions on the next page to request an "hourglass call"

Now this is not a hidden sales pitch either (unlike a lot of other marketers who offer 'strategy sessions' which are really just sales calls disguised as value.

Our 'Hourglass c​alls' are focused on talking through your current marketing and conversion strategy slowly, and in depth so we can flow through each step and uncover as many opportunities for increased conversions as posible. (Now be warned these calls require talking about things like money, profits, personal goals etc which can be a bit uncomfortable for a lot of people but will ultimately allow me to get a deep understanding of your business in order to provide the best service for your needs.) then at the end of the call you can make a well informed decision about how you wish to move forward.

You can still choose to just get your free cheat sheet guide​, combine it with the insights I give you on the call and do it all yourself. And in that case I'll be happy to have helped you (& hope that you use one of the links I send you to buy the software you need)

or you can request a quote for me to put everything (or only the things you want) into a service package where me and my team do it all for you.

Either way, I want to reassure you that you won't get any high pressure sales tactics from me...and here's why...​this a screenshot of a comment I read once in a FB business group that ressonated very strongly with me and since then I've aimed to implement this idea in all of my service offers:

<screen shot>

​So if you're ready to start converting more of your paid traffic into highlty ​qulaified leads without increasin​g your ad spend click the button below to complete the form.