Would You Like ​Me To ​Design A High Converting Landing Page To Get You More Leads, For Free?

Are you sick of having to pay Facebook more and more of your hard earned money in order to generate more leads from your website?

It kind of feels like this right?


​Hi there,

I'm Nicole and I'm happy to analyse how your visitors are currently interacting with your website and use that information to design a landing page that will be very attractive to your 'perfect customer'.​

​This way, you'll be able to convert more of your paid traffic into better quality leads without having to spend more on advertising.

Why Would I Do This For Free?

​I​ offer this service to business owners who ​use Facebook ads as their primary traffic source for ​two reasons:

Firstly, In order to access and use your free landing page you'll need to invest in the specialised software​ I use to build your landing page. It comes with a free trial period so you'll be able to test your new landing page before ever having to spend a cent. After the trial, it's only $97/month to keep your landing page active and ensure that your high quality leads keep flowing into your business. 

Now, if you get value from this service and keep using the software, the company will pay me a referral commission after 45 days. Therefore, it's in my best interests to design a landing page for you that can double or even triple your leads​ so you keep using it & I get paid!

Secondly, I own a consulting company that helps 6-figure+ business​ owners test & optimise their ​Facebook ads & sales funnels in order to become more profitable and grow their business faster.

So, if your business is already generating 6-figures & you get great results from your new landing page​, you may be interested in this service.

And, if your business isn't at 6-figures yet, your new landing page could help you get there faster​!

​With That Being Said,

​I​​​ just want to emphasise that this isn't some elaborate 'sales pitch' for my consulting company...

​​It is however, an opportunity for me to show you that I can help your business become more profitable by actually giving you a risk-free way to make your business more profitable!

And whilewill send you regular emails with tips ​on ways to optimise your ads, landing pages & sales funnels, I promise I'll never pressure you to hire me as a consultant (or use any pushy sales tactics for that matter).

That's Because I'm Not Available To Help Everyone


You see, I have strict requirements for the types of businesses ​I work with.

(​This way I can ensure that I can provide you with the best possible service)

​So, I can only ​design a free high converting landing page for business owners who:

  • check
    ​Don't have a landing page and/or sales funnel in place
  • check
    ​Are spending $2,000+/month on Facebook ads
  • check
    ​Have an average value per customer of $1,000+
  • check
    ​Offer their target audience something of value in exchange for providing their contact information

If this is you, and you're ready to get more high-quality leads without having to spend more on ads, please apply for a free custom landing page by answering the following questions:

​Once I have that information I'll go through everything to make sure that I can actually help you, and if I believe that I can, I'll email you an invite to schedule a​n ​"Hourglass Call"​.

Now don't worry, an "Hourglass Call"​​ isn't a ​fancy name for a sales call. It's really just a way for ​you to be 100% confidant that I'll be able to help you get more of the leads you want.

You see, the "Hourglass Call"​ got it's name because:

"like each grain of sand may seem small, each one is important to the overall function and performance of the hourglass"​​

& that's how ​I see ​each aspect of your business. 

Therefore, I really take the time to listen and understand a​s ​you flow through your business and explain what's important to you. With that deep ​insight, I'm better able to give you the best landing page for your specific goals​!

So, if you would like a free landing page to convert more of your paid traffic into qualified leads don't forget to enter your details above.

~ Nicole Keir​