When I Was Younger I Never Thought I'd Be Here...


But, Here I Am.

When I was a young kid online marketing didn't exist, Facebook was what happened when you fell asleep while reading, smart phones were landlines that connected without having to go through the switchboard and I was ​sure that I was going to work with horses when I 'grew up'.

Funny how things change!

One thing that hasn't changed about me however, is my need to understand things... which leads me to the question:

​Why Are You Here?

Ethical Business

If you're like me...

You put people before profits and you're sick of all these faceless corporate giants pushing out family owned businesses while focusing on keeping shareholders happy rather than their customers.

​Sustainable Strategies

If you're like me...

You'd rather invest in building and optimising a business that can deliver profits well into the future rather than chasing every shiny 'new' opportunity that promises 'fast cash now'.

​Family & Lifestyle

If you're like me...

You're in business to give yourself and your family a better life and we both know the best way to do that is to work with people who can get us there faster and keep us there forever.

Key Things You Should Know About Me...

  • ​I grew up on a farm ​where business ​was carried out in paddocks, at kitchen tables, over the phone, in offices and even at the pub. As a result, ​I believe what you do is more important than how you do it.
  • When I get excited about something I tend to swear a bit too much... and I get excited about helping businesses reach their goals, so expect the occasional F-bomb.
  • ​We have two cats and a dog who rule our house, so don't be surprised if you see them trying to steal the limelight while I'm recording a video or hear them demanding attention while ​we're on a call.
  • ​I have a Cert IV in Small Business Management & the following Digital Marketing ​certifications:


​I received this recognition of contribution award ​when I ​took the initiative to re-design ​inefficient testing ​procedures, saving the company I worked for $18,000 annually​.


​I volunteered to be the marketing strategist for ​From Little Things Parklands, a not-for-profit organisation that works to design and build urban farm parklands for the benefit of our local community.


​I ​worked to raise over $4,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation ​when I participated in the World's Greatest Shave.

​So, How Did I Get Here...

​As I said above, I grew up on a farm in ​Australia where my family grew crops, ran a small business bailing straw for mushroom compost and raised sheep.

I loved ​being on the farm and spent ​every moment I could out riding horses or working with my dad and pop looking after our sheep or driving tractors or baling straw or fixing fences...you name it, I did it.  

You see, ​all the 'hands-on' experiences I had growing up this way ​​​fostered a passion for ​supporting Aussie farmers, local communities & small business owners.

But, ​as much as I loved the farm life, the opportunities in the city were too strong to resist.

​​However, ​I wanted to hang onto my farm roots, so in 2011 I started studying Small Business Management ​with the goal of helping farmers take advantage of the ever growing digital marketing landscape.

​​In my spare time I ​taught myself how to build websites, do email marketing, create sales funnels, do ​SEO, make promotional videos, do social media marketing...again, you name it, I did it.​

And for a couple years I ​​had a 'side-hustle' helping ​local farmers, who sold their produce direct to the public, promote themselves online.

I tried to turn that into a full-time business, but as ​they started to understand how to use ​social media themselves and ​easy-build websites ​became more readily available, that ​idea failed.

​Not one to give up so easily, I ​​turned my skills to affiliate marketing where I could earn a commission ​on sales I made promoting other peoples products.

​​Turns out I'd gotten good at writing sales copy and promoting products online, and I started earning a lot more money than I was before... ​​

​Then ​in April 2015 my dad had a massive stroke.

And ​I went back to the farm to help.

The way our small community rallied around our family to provide both emotional and physical support during this life altering time made me re-evaluate how I was using the skills I'd developed and who I was helping to get ahead.

I realised that I'd lost sight of why I'd ​gotten into ​online marketing and I decided that it was time to ​get back ​to helping family & community focused businesses market themselves online.​​​

Now here I am... how can I help you?

Nicole was such a superstar!

Cassie T

She seriously went above and beyond and pulled together a video for us that was just perfect...we had a strick timeframe too and she had everything in on time and was just so helpful i will recomend her to everyone and definately be using her again! Thanks so much nicole!

Thank You

Murray S

Very grateful for the help, exceeded expectation!

Our Videos Are Perfect

Alla C

Nicole has been professional, with fast turn arounds and is very talented. No request was too difficult and she communicated very well throughout the process to ensure we were happy with the final product.


Alison M

Nic did a wonderful job. Highly recommend


Grant D

Thanks Nicole - super quick work.

Thanks for your help

Andrew V

Went above and beyond! Definitely recommend! :)

Highly recommend!!

Richard B

Nicole went above and beyond what was required, had excellent communication skills and was willing to put in as many revisions as needed to achieve my outcomes.

Go you good thing

Jannet G

Thanks so much! I've noticed an increase in enquiries this week. I'm very happy :)

Such A High Standard

Lee C

Good communication and happily made the changes I requested. Would recommend and use again.

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